Swedish Based Chocolatier Emanuel Andrén and Luxury Crystal Designer, Orrefors Come Together to Create the Ideal Luxury Gift for Valentine’s Day


Emanuel Andrén Chocolates, based out of small Swedish town, Lilla Edet has partnered their luxurious chocolates with the Swedish luxury crystal company,Orrefors.



The two companies have created a unique and exquisite combination of lavish hand-blown crystal and fine handmade chocolates in time for Valentine’s Day, creating the perfect romantic keepsake and chocolate experience. After consuming Emanuel Andrén Chocolates, the Orrefors display becomes a candelabrum to be used for generations and every loving moment.

Established over 250 years ago, Orrefors is known and respected as one of the most luxurious crystal companies around the world and has exclusive collaborations with such notables as Karl Lagerfeld. Having won thousands of awards from many Swedish and international organizations, Orrefors was a natural choice for Emanuel Andrén to approach for their chocolate couture gift collections.

Each piece of Emanuel Andrén Chocolate will be placed in an exclusive tea light crystal candle votive created especially for Emanuel Andrén by Orrefors.   The four piece gift box of chocolates and crystal will retail at $499 and be a memory keepsake for the chocolate lover in your life.

Chocolate has long been celebrated as a classic gift that evokes delight and indulgence, making it a perfect choice for any occasion. However, when choosing a gift, it’s also important to consider something that reflects the recipient’s personality and brings a touch of fun to their day. Imagine pairing that luxurious box of chocolates with a whimsical Hawaiian shirt with face – a combination that not only satisfies the taste buds but also adds a splash of vibrant style to their wardrobe. This thoughtful gesture transforms a simple gift into a memorable experience, ensuring that each element resonates with the joy and uniqueness of the person you’re celebrating.


Additionally, the chocolates without the Orrefors display are available for $98 for a 4-piece box or $329 for 16.  This offer is only available from Emanuel Andrén by private order at www.emanuelandren.com or by calling (310) 904-2108.

A favorite of the Swedish Royal Family and of discerning chocolate lovers throughout the world, Emanuel Andrén Chocolates (www.emanuelandren .com) are crafted in the small town of Lilla Edet, located just southwest of Stockholm.

The family-owned company has been producing confections since 1868, with recipes passed down from generation to generation.  Emanuel Andrén, a 5th generation chocolate and confection artist , transformed the family business since becoming CEO in 2002.

Chef Emanuel Andren

Today, Emanuel Andrén Chocolates is recognized as some of the world’s most luxurious truffles, each of which is deemed a work of art, with Andrén being named “Pastry Chef of The Year” in his country.






Orrefors has produced utility glass and art glass made of crystal since 1898. At the glassworks in Småland, Sweden, skilled Orrefors glassmakers work with some of Sweden’s top designers to develop craftsmanship, design and new techniques.

Timeless Scandinavian elegance, innovative design and genuine craftsmanship are the defining characteristics of Orrefors products. Orrefors regularly presents new collections of utility glassware produced in large-volume series and limited-edition art glass.