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Full-time journalists for over a decade covering resorts, spas, fine dining, wine, spirits, and luxury travel. Our travels have taken us all over the US, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Additionally, we are sommeliers through The Court of Master Sommeliers. Traveling to these amazing places is something that not many people get the chance to do, so we have been very lucky to get to experience these places. Being able to choose some luxury vacation packages and go to the destinations of your dreams is not something that should be taken lightly.

Our work as appeared in the LA Times, Travel and Leisure, Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, Google Travel, Modern Luxury, French Quarter Magazine in France and Monaco , Lausanne Tourism City Guide, Luxury Las Vegas, Food and Beverage Professional Magazine, Las Vegas Magazine and The Daily Meal.

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In addition to our extensive travel experience and expertise, we also have a deep understanding of the equipment and gear necessary for various types of travel. From selecting the right camera and lenses for photography to choosing the appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor activities, we have tested and reviewed a wide range of travel equipment and more to ensure that our readers have the best possible experience during their travels. Our goal is to provide comprehensive reviews and guides on everything related to luxury travel, including the tools and gear that can make all the difference in creating memorable experiences.

Assignments have taken us all over the world working with winemakers, tasting with sommeliers, distillers, brew masters and interviewing celebrity chefs. You can find us Kayaking, Hot Air Ballooning, milking goats and cows, purveying with world class chefs, EBiking, cooking with chefs, snow shoeing , snowmobiling and hiking everywhere from the Swiss Alps to Arizona.

Over our long career, we have garnered the reputation as a “one stop shop” by public relations firms as well as local and international tourist boards. During our previous assignments we covered every restaurant, hotel, airlines and even the transit system. Many of these events are shared in real time so you can join us taste by taste, sip by sip, hotel by hotel and so much more.

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