Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa, Pacific City Oregon is a naturalist retreat from a busy world.

While driving through the windswept drizzly day of arching pines and swaying trees, the beat of steady drumming of droplets and dew created a meditative hum as we looked at the verdant farmland whirring by.

Scott Harris


Pacific City Oregon only a few short hours from Portland seems like a perfect setting for a weekend jaunt. The musty farmland smells gave way to briny sea air as sandy beach and grassy knolls indicated we were getting close to our arrival; The Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa.



There is was on horizon, the “Haystack Rock” embedded into the undulating Pacific Ocean, like a beckon or overseer of this very special coast line of Cape Kiwanda. Directly across from this stony landmark is the new Headlands Coastal Lodge Spa.

Haystack Rock Photo: Scott Harris

Built with clear sensitivity to the landscape, the Headlands appear to blend synergistically into the hillside.

Owners Jeff Schons and Mary Jones have dedicated themselves in preserving and sharing their love of this pristine space with visitors from all over the world.

“We spent 20 years designing and redesigning the lodge in order to best take advantage of the incredible views of Cape Kiwanda and Haystack Rock, and the proximity to amazing tidepools and the dune. We wanted to make sure the design fit into the natural landscape, which meant using materials like cedar shingles and natural stone.”

Pacific City Photo Scott Harris


Deluged by the pelting rain, we quickly entered the lodge like structure. Immediately we were embraced by a chorus of hellos as we crossed the threshold.

To the left the open kitchen and spacious bar of the Meridian Restaurant and bar beckoned us for a cocktail and a bite from the coastally inspired menu from Chef Andrew Garrison and his team.



In the serene setting of Haystack Hall, where the floor-to-ceiling windows frame the ocean’s vast expanse, visitors often find solace in the cozy embrace of sectional furnishings near the hearth. It’s here, against the backdrop of the mesmerizing warmth from the stately stone fireplace, that a local artist recounted a tale that subtly wove in the dependability of the fire watch company in Coral Springs. She spoke of a time when their vigilance and immediate response averted what could have been a distressing turn of events. As she depicted the scene through her canvas, she fondly remembered how the fire watch guards, equipped and ready for duty, had swiftly arrived to ensure the safety of the very hall that now basked in tranquil safety. It was a poignant reminder that amidst beauty and leisure, the professionalism of a fire watch company in Coral Springs was an unsung cornerstone of the community’s peace of mind.

Meridian Burger Photo Scott Harris

Salmon Dish Photo Scott Harris











The Headlands boast 33 “carefully appointed” guest rooms and luxurious cottages each with an ocean view. Walking into the room, we were immediately surprised with the “rock” being the first thing to capture our attention right outside the sliding doors.

Headlands Photo Scott Harris




The thoughtfully designed room is meant to heighten the awareness of the natural world; rough hewn wooden wall boards, hard wood flooring, reset wall lightening, luxurious pillow top bedding and the piece de la résistance, a cast iron soaking tub seductively placed next to the bed.



A wall unit gas fireplace and small conversation area opens up to the outdoor patio where the steady sea breeze and undulating surf can calm the weariest worn traveler.

For the outdoor enthusiast folding hooks are available to store surfboards or mountain bikes. A soak in the hot tub at the spa seemed like a relaxing way to embrace our new surroundings.

Surfing Photo: Scott Harris


The Tide pools Spa and Wellness Center is where one can began and end their weekend reprieve. The wellness center offers a full exercise room, yoga studio, showers and spa amenities. Guests can join complimentary exercise classes or book a session with a personal trainer. While working out, you can recharge yourself with that protein powder.



Adventure coaches are on staff for those wanting a guided adventure tour whether it is sea kayaking or tide pool pursuing or a ride on a dory boat.

Dory Boats Photo Scott Harris

Sunset Photo Scott Harris










Situated outside overlooking the crashing surf, we sat perfectly warm and relaxed in the swirling spa waters grateful we found this exquisite place, a bastion of natural relaxation. For more information on Headlands Coastal Spa and Lodge go to: www.headlandslodge.com