Wynn Las Vegas Announces New Dining Concept in Partnership with Chef Alon Shaya and Restaurateur Emily Shaya Modern Mediterranean Restaurant to Debut Late 2023.

Wynn Las Vegas has announced a partnership with Chef Alon Shaya and restaurateur Emily Shaya of Pomegranate Hospitality, with a new restaurant debuting at Wynn Las Vegas in winter 2023.

Pomegranate Hospitality, founded by James Beard Foundation award-winning chef Alon Shaya and restaurateur Emily Shaya, includes five critically acclaimed bars and restaurants across New Orleans and Denver.

“Las Vegas is rooted in personal nostalgia and holds such fond memories for me,” said Chef-Partner Alon Shaya. “The city opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist in hospitality, inspired me to think big, and gave me the confidence to push the boundaries of my culinary acumen. Returning to Vegas, and developing a concept with Wynn Las Vegas, feels surreal. Wynn is the only partner we could imagine doing this project with and we’re elated to bring it to life over the next year.”

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The new restaurant will introduce modern, Mediterranean cuisine with Middle Eastern influences to Wynn Las Vegas. The restaurant will take over the location of the former Intrigue Lounge and will be designed by Rockwell Group, in collaboration with Wynn Design and Development.


“Together with Alon and the Pomegranate team, we will craft an entirely unique food and beverage venue for Wynn Las Vegas,” said Craig Billings, CEO of Wynn Resorts. “Modern Mediterranean cuisine continues to grow in popularity and culinary complexity. In this venue we intend to reinvent the category, providing not just new and innovative menu offerings but also a completely bespoke and energizing experience.” Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!