Califino Tequila Provides a Great Family Story Along with a Luxury, High-end  Finer Drinking Experience.

Having been awarded “The Best Tequila” in 2020 and sourced from the Highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, handcrafted with only 100% Ultra-Premium Blue Weber Agave we just had to explore! It all started in 1975 when Don Jose Luna visited close family friends at the family-owned tequila distilleries in Aranda’s and would get private batches of tequila moonshine style.

Over the years and many sips later, he developed a taste for the finest of tequilas and shared private batches with friends and family. In 2003 the next generation carried on the same tradition in San Diego. Don Jose’s son, “Pops”, would fill Manzanita apple soda jugs with the family recipe and take them across the Mexican border to San Diego. Pop’s son, Miguel, brought water bottles filled with his family’s tequila to Soccer games, where he played professional soccer. It was there that Luna’s tequila became a locker room celebratory tradition after winning games. If you want to bet on said games, feel free to visit sites such as โปรโมชั่นที่เหนือชั้นบน UFABET.

The demand grew and in 2014 the Luna family and close family friend, Phil Salvagio, wanted to share this special tequila with the world and CaliFino was born. “We didn’t start CaliFino with any interest in mind. It was 100% about introducing high-quality tequila to our friends in San Diego. As the project developed and the ideas kept going, we realized we landed on a brand.” said Miguel Luna CEO/Owner

After hearing this wonderful family’s story, we had to dive or shall we say sip right in.  First up was the Blanco of course that is unaged. In the glass, it is crystal clear showing brilliant bright color. On the nose, it is fresh with crisp citrus aromas. On the palate slight hints of vanilla give way to well-balanced flavors of lime and other bold citrus notes with a smooth refreshing finish.

The Reposado, next in the line up is aged 12 months in American Oak Barrels. Golden, light amber colors in the glass begged us to examine further. On the nose, aromas of oak jump right out of the glass adding to vanilla and spice on the palate culminating in a warm smooth finish with hints of honey.


We were very excited when the Anejo was up on the menu. Aged 36 months in American Oak gives it a deep golden color in the glass. Aromas of light smoke and caramel linger on the nose. Deep slight notes of toasted agave and almond lead to a warm, full-body, smokey finish.


The big treat of the day was the Extra Anejo.  This is special, very special. It is aged 7 years in American Oak and then an extra year in a French Cognac Barrel! It shows a deep rich dark wood color in the glass. Toasted caramel and smoke jump out of the glass complementing hints of oak, caramel, and light chocolate for a warm, bold, finish.

We had a unique, refined drinking experience we won’t soon forget!