Chef Saleh Zulkifli:

Indian Cuisine – Tandoori Chicken

6 pieces Thawed chicken, skinned (whatever portions you like)
2 tsp Ground Coriander
2 tsp Masala (Tandoori paste is available) to taste Red pepper powder
Dash Garlic powder to taste Salt
1 tsp Ground Cumin
2 table spoon yoghurt
(needed only if tandoori masala is used)Method:
If you are using the ready made tandoori paste then life is a lot easier. Replace all
occurrences of masala and yogurt with the tandoori paste. Take the chicken and
make *deep* cuts in it (so that the Masalas seeps in quickly).Rub in the Masalas as a mixture or one at a time. The idea is to let the Masalas seep in the cuts with the soy sauce. You can leave it for little while to seep in.If you are using yogurt, you’ll get a more authentic taste since the original TC is after all marinated in it. In this case, mix the Masalas in the yogurt first and then rub the stuff into the chicken cuts as before.The yogurt tends to leave a considerable amount of water behind. DON’T THROW THIS AWAY. Let it evaporate in the oven with the chicken. This will keep the pieces
from getting dry if over-cooked.ENJOY !

Special thanks to Chef Saleh Zulkifli !

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