Jupiter Hotel guests celebrate Oregon being the first state to legalize sale of wine growlers with new Portland package that focuses on the urban winery trend. Discover the Southeast cultural district of Portland with the Jupiter Hotel’s PDX Urban Winery package. With a steady up swell of new inner-city wineries, Portland’s urban winemakers have moved their operations closer to where they live and socialize.



Many of these wineries serve food in a convivial atmosphere, dubbed the “enopub.” The latest Portland experience at the Jupiter Hotel celebrates this new movement where guests wine, dine and find comfort in a quality hotel stay while supporting community-based businesses.

The urban winery trend finds vintners support one another by pouring wines that are made by other wineries. Many of these tasting rooms double as wine bars with food and community activities (dinners, movies, harvest parties, etc.). Since these are urban, not estate wineries, their grapes come from all over the region (Willamette Valley, Gorge and Walla Walla). Vintners are not limited to one style and can experiment with many varietals.

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The Jupiter Hotel’s PDX Urban Winery Experience also celebrates Oregon being the first state to legalize the sale of wine growlers. Hotel guests will receive a custom Jupiter Hotel growler to fill with their favorite local-area wine. The “PDX Urban Winery Experience” includes:

Room at the Jupiter Hotel :

Complimentary 32 oz. Collectors’ Edition Jupiter Hotel Growler

10% bottle discount at all participating urban wineries

$20 growler filling station gift certificate

Custom self-guided urban winery tour map

Complimentary tasting flights

Wi-Fi and Water Avenue coffee in the morning included

“The comfort of our hotel is built around our truly caring for each guest. From the fresh apples at check-in, to local Water Avenue coffee served in the lobby, to our casual Doug Fir Lounge patio for relaxing,” says Al Munguia, General Manager of the Jupiter Hotel. “Our location in Southeast Portland is considered the epicenter of the area’s cultural district and this package brings the nearby chowhound activities together with a great hotel room.”

The amazing Jupiter Hotel also partners with community-based businesses to foster the best possible hospitality experience in the Portland area. The hotel features casual spaces where guests can hang out, drink and eat. The hotel is a favorite solution for fly and stay travelers with access to numerous transportation options, such as: Zipcar, pedicabs, on-site bike rentals and Portland’s easily accessible bus and light rail options. This is a wonderful way to be a part of history!

As travelers immerse themselves in the vibrant urban winery scene of Portland through the Jupiter Hotel’s PDX Urban Winery package, the spirit of community and exploration continues to flourish. This unique offering not only showcases the dynamic world of local winemakers but also underscores the hotel’s commitment to providing a holistic and enriching experience for its guests. Just as the package encourages visitors to indulge in the flavors of the region, there are equally exciting opportunities to discover the beauty of other destinations. For instance, imagine traversing the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii while enjoying the convenience of two-wheeled exploration. Hawaii Scooter Rentals offer a seamless way to uncover the stunning islands, capturing the essence of each locale at your own pace. Just as the Jupiter Hotel champions community-based businesses, these scooter rental services epitomize the spirit of local exploration and immersive travel, allowing you to create unforgettable memories as you journey through captivating destinations.

In the heart of Portland’s cultural district, the Jupiter Hotel not only celebrates Oregon’s wine culture but also acts as a gateway to a world of experiences. With an unwavering focus on guest satisfaction and a commitment to fostering connections with the surrounding community, the hotel is poised to continue its legacy of providing exceptional hospitality. Whether you’re savoring the flavors of fine wine in Portland or embracing the freedom of scooter exploration in Hawaii, these experiences converge to shape the narrative of your journey, inviting you to become an integral part of the places you visit and the stories you create.