Debbie Gioquindo, a local entrepreneur and wine expert, and Keryl Pesce, the author of the book Happy Bitch, got the ball rolling  with their rallying cry for women  “to get up and get on with it after facing life’s disappointments,”  and  introduced their Happy Bitch rosé in April 2011.

Debbie Gioquindo , Keryl Pesce

Perhaps the most interesting part of their story is that Social media, in particular, Twitter, led to the creation of the wine.  Yes, welcome to the age of Social Media! . It all started when Keryl Pesce, author of Happy Bitch, tweeted about possibly creating a Happy Bitch wine, Debbie Gioquindo, Hudson Valley Wine Goddess, tweeted back that she should make it a Hudson Valley Wine. The two agreed to meet, and the rest is history.

The partnership fit these two incredible women like a glove.  Keryl is in the mind of bringing  Happy to Happy Bitch . Debbie is in the business of wine and marketing.  This perfect storm of a partnership have made a big name for themselves and created a fun wine geared toward women.

The Happy Bitch wine is of course a typical blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. But that is where typical stops. The Happy Bitch Rose Wine is made in Orange County, with grapes sourced from the Finger Lakes region. Keryl and Debbie hired a wine maker to create several blends and then put it to customers at a local wine festival to vote for their favorite. “We also put a lot of thought into our packaging,” says Gioquindo. “We know sometimes women have trouble with a wine or Champagne cork, so we did a lot of research and came up with the crown cap.”  Remember those old Cola bottles? The Happy Bitch brings those memories back with an “old school “crown cap.

We put our wine key away ,  found a bottle opener and the CUISINEIST tasting panel went to work.

In the glass , this Rose was true to its name with hues of pink and light ruby rising to the top with a slight effervescence. The Italian term Frizzante jumped into our minds the minute we saw the wine poured. On the nose, slight hints of cherry , cream , and roses were prominent and continued on the palate  to a very soft feminine  finish with  effervescence lasting to the very end.  In short , the Happy Bitch Rose is a fun , every day easy drinking wine.

As Debbie Gioquindo stated “ultimately, the wine is for anyone who enjoys a good (very slightly carbonated) rosé, even men. “The wine can be drunk in a lot of different scenarios. I had it last fall with cider doughnuts on the train going into the city,” It pairs well with sushi. Our tag line is: It pairs well with girlfriends and great memories.”

The tasting panel could not agree more. Get a bottle, enjoy and be happy.  For more information about Happy Bitch visit