Traveling anywhere in the world in these times can be stressful. Recently, we traveled on an airline like none other we have experienced in the past.


Whether you’re flying from Las Vegas to Switzerland or you’re in Switzerland wanting to experience the neon lights and the culinary legends of Las Vegas, Edelweiss Airline is for you. Edelweiss offers stress free nonstop travel between Zurich and Las Vegas that is a true luxury experience that will have you arriving refreshed and ready to enjoy your visit.

We experienced this airborne Swiss experience firsthand. Our trip started within the VIP lounge in Las Vegas awaiting our flight with complementary beverages and small plates. This was only a preview of what we were about to experience high above the clouds.


Boarding our A330 Aircraft we were escorted to our cubicles in Business class. This stylish business class features amenities and service preparing us for arrival with warm, Swiss hospitality. Settling in, we began to explore our fully lie-flat seats that can be converted into two-meter long beds and an in-flight entertainment system with large 16-inch HD touch screens.




To make the flight even more comfortable, travelers can enjoy a choice of 65 movies, 60 TV programs, 400 music albums and 15 games. A nice glass, yes real glass! of Champagne offered before takeoff by our ever attentive flight attendants set us in the right mood for our flight.


Once at cruising altitude our A330 becomes a 5 star restaurant and resort in the sky. After multiple tasty glasses of Champagne our flight attendant arrived with an Aperitif with Amuse-Bouche. There are no plastic forks and cups on this flight, setups are all real with cloth napkins and silverware. Our lovely Swiss hostess returned again and again with 2 Appetizers and a choice of 4 Entrees, A cheese course, dessert , and a sweet surprise.











To make your flight even more relaxing, enjoy complementary beverages which include beer, wine and cocktails all for your pleasure. Travelers can even charge your cell phone or tablet, such as the ones on the black friday 2022 sale, in the in seat power supply and USB port.


After a wonderful in flight experience you will arrive refreshed and ready to go at Zurich International Airport where you can hop a train to anywhere in Switzerland or Europe.



Edelweiss Air is providing a service like non other with non stop service between Las Vegas and the Iconic cities of Europe.

We can’t say more about this Swiss treasure in the sky providing extraordinary Swiss hospitality from take – off to landing. To book your experience visit and see you on board.