Apple empanadas, green apple sherbet, apple chips and brown butter apples

By Chef Carlos Enriquez




Apple Pie : Apple empanadas, green apple sherbet, apple chips and brown butter apples

Pie Dough

835 grams        pastry flour

420 grams        unsalted butter

50 grams          granulated sugar

8.5 grams         kosher salt

125 grams        whole eggs

125 grams        water


In kitchen aid mixer fitted with paddle attachment, cream butter, sugar and salt, (about 4-5 minutes medium speed). Once creamed, start adding eggs slowly. After all eggs are in and mixed well, stop mixer, bring down and scrape. Add rest of ingredients and mix just until incorporated. Take dough out of mixer, spread on half sheet pan, cover with plastic and let rest overnight. The next day, take dough out and roll out to 1/8 inch in thickness, cut 3 inch circles. Set aside.


Apple Filling

6 each              granny smith apples

¼ stick             butter

1 each              orange zest

1 each              vanilla bean

5 grams            ground cinnamon

2 grams            ground nutmeg

2 grams            ground ginger

1 gram             ground cloves

200 grams        dark brown sugar


Peel, core and slice apples. Place butter in a large sauté pan and brown. Add the apples and all other ingredients. Cook to al dente. Cool and store in air tight container overnight in refrigerator.


Brown Butter Crumble

100 grams        brown butter (cooled and firm)

100 grams        sugar

5 grams            salt

3 grams            ground cinnamon

1 each              vanilla bean


100 grams        all-purpose flour

100 grams        almond flour


Cream first set of ingredients in a kitchen aid mixer with a paddle attachment. Once nice and fluffy, add the flours and mix just until incorporated, about 30-45 seconds. Place in air tight container and store in refrigerator. The next day grate through a cooling/roasting screen.





Apple Chips

2 each              granny smith apples

200 grams        simple syrup

1 each              juice of lemon


Combine lemon juice & simple syrup. Slice apples length wise in to paper thin slices. Dip in simple syrup mix then place on a baking sheet that has been lined with a silpat/baking mat and sprayed with pan coating. Put in a 180 F oven for 55-75 minutes, or until nice and crisp. Peel of mat and store in air tight container at room temperature.


Pickled Apples

3 each              granny smith apples

200 grams        simple syrup

100 grams        apple cider vinegar

1 each              vanilla bean


Peel and dice apples. Combine simple syrup, vinegar and vanilla. Bring to a boil, add the diced apples and turn off heat. Cover and let sit at room temperature for 2 hours then transfer to air tight container and store in refrigerator.