Las Vegas is the home of great Chefs and their world famous dining venues but Las Vegas also as another group of experts in their field , The Mixologist.
Many of these men and women cocktail experts have achieved national recognition for their talents. A Mixologist is much more than a bartender. They are trained experts in aromas and flavors similar to that of a Sommelier but their experience is not just in fruits and vegetables but Spirits as well. They are true artists and a joy to watch them create .
New York NewYork Hotel and Casino’s very hot night ROK has one of these very talented artists creating cocktails that are one of a kind.
Mixologist Gian Magnone created his Ginger Spice Cocktail and was gracious enough to share it with the Cuisineist.The Ginger Spice Cocktail
by Mixologist Gian Magnone

2.5oz Absolut Vodka infused with Real Ginger

.5oz Goldschlager

1oz Bailey’s


A small piece of 24k gold leaf is wrapped on top of a cinnamon stick.


Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin with ice, shake vigorously then pour contents into rocks glass.

Flavor profile:

The ginger spice cocktail is similar in flavor to the famous oatmeal cookie shot or martini, however the natural ginger gives the drink a racy infusion of spice. The Goldschlager adds a distinct cinnamon taste while the creaminess of the Bailey’s simultaneously soothes the pallet. The unique spicy taste of the ginger spice definitely makes it a fall cocktail.