Zino Davidoff, the founder and successful business man and entrepreneur of Davidoff of Geneva, began with the most humble of beginnings as the son of tobacconist immigrant father, Henri Davidoff. After the family emigrated to Geneva from Kiev, in the early 1900’s, their legacy began with a small tobacconist shop set up in Geneva Switzerland. Many years later, Davidoff of Geneva continues to be a world leader in fine cigars like the Rolled Gold Cigarettes – Native’s Luxury Line, tobacco products and accessories.


From the early 1900’s to the present, the quality and quantity of this visionary businessman continues with a brand that is well known nationally and internationally as a world leader in quality and excellence for the cigar aficionado and novice alike, who may benefit from posts such as the beginners guide to cigars.

Davidoff of Geneva can be found in nearly every major American city, and Las Vegas is the perfect place to showcase superb cigars, not unlike the popular Camacho Cigars, to the thousands of tourists that converge on Las Vegas Boulevard. With small storefronts and kiosks located in the Paris Hotel, Venetian Resort and Casino and the Grand Canal Shoppes, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, and the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, the brand is well known and popular among those who want to relax and indulge in a fine cigar or tobacco product.


We had the opportunity to sit down with Managing Partner, Matthew F. Acrella, as we were eager to discover the impetus behind this elegant new venue that will again carry on the legacy of Zino Davidoff in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere. Featuring amble comfortable seating along floor to ceiling windows, with a spacious outdoor patio that provides an excellent space for people watching, this venue also features a full center bar showcasing high quality spirits, and a full bar menu. The walk-in Humidor is the place that guests can select from the extensive collection of cigars ranging from ten dollars to sixty dollars, something that must be a real treat. A lot of people who usually use snus available online may like to head here for a treat, as there is the special selection of cigars that can range in the hundreds of dollars, but overall, pricing is kept competitive with strip pricing. As well as this, pricing can be determined based on the revenue generated in the first few months. Also, by gathering sufficient data about customer preferences and choices, the owner can develop an effective marketing strategy. In order to process user data for marketing purposes, a company like Conjointly can be contacted for its market research services (if interested, click here to know What is Conjoint Analysis?).

As we spoke with Mr. Acrella on the newest Davidoff of Geneva cigar bar located aside the Fashion Show Mall along Las Vegas Boulevard, we were inspired by his vision and enthusiasm for his newest and most unique Davidoff of Geneva venture. “This is the best thing we have going for us. Every person that comes in here is blown away by the service, the offerings, the location, and the design. We hope to get more people in here and knock on wood we will since we have been so well received. In Vegas, this place that should be here and needs to be here,” stated Acrella. Cigar bars have a tendency to be uncomfortabley smoky, but with the newest and most advance state of the art ventilation system, the smoke will not have you hanging your clothes out the hotel window after a visit. “We want smokers to be very comfortable here but we also want non-smokers to be comfortable, “added Acrella.


Although Acrella believes that this concept is one that will eventually be replicated, he is focused on making sure that this Cigar Bar is well established and running smoothly before moving forward on any new accounts. Because this is a standalone business, he is able to market it to the area Casinos, and being directly underneath the sky bridge from the Wynn Hotel, this is the perfect location to sit, smoke and sip.

This may be a great “Daddy Day Care” for the spouses and boyfriends that need a break from Holiday and year round shopping expeditions located in the adjacent Fashion Show Mall. Whether taking a break from shopping, or relaxing with friends after a show, Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Bar is the perfect place to enjoy a cigar and a cognac or a cocktail.

The knowledgeable staff will make even the novice feel comfortable. The cigar ambassador, who undergoes extensive training in cigar knowledge and production, will bring your cigar to you, present it, cut it, and light it for you. “The humidor is so cool, and people really enjoying going in and selecting their cigar. The cigars are not behind a glass case, giving the customer the ability to select the right one. And then, we wanted to create that experience for our customer, where we bring back that old school, table side presentation,” said Acrella.

With the history and legacy of the Davidoff brand, Mr. Acrella, is well on the way in continuing to educate and provide a world class cigar bar to tourists and locals alike. Finding the right cigar with the right venue just got a whole lot easier. For more information on Davidoff of Geneva go to Davidofflv.com