Balls of Steel, launched by OriginalBOS as the company’s flagship product are premium drink coolers for whiskey, wine or spirits. Balls of Steel (BOS) – are forged from the highest quality stainless steel (316 medical grade) and act as a temperature conduit in replacement for ice in small volume beverages. Balls of Steel by OriginalBos ( work more efficiently and faster than ice while preserving the low notes whiskey veterans strive to uphold and protect.

While cooling your whiskey, wine or spirits Ball of Steel serve a bigger purpose. From each unit sold, the company selling Balls of Steel, OriginalBos (, donates a high percentage of profits to MD Anderson Cancer Center thus dubbing Balls of Steel as “Drink Coolers With a Cause”. The company also using a additional amount to fund community building for those effected directly by testicular cancer and their friends and family.

By using the highest grade of stainless steel, Balls of Steel do not effect the taste or flavor of the drinks during cooling and OriginalBos’s product is currently acknowledged as the leader in innovation of drink accessories and hold the award of most innovative product of 2012 by The Entrepreneur Association.

The founders of OriginalBos have been cited stating “Balls of Steel are a very innovated product, re-inventing traditional business models and placing people above profits. We have really become an inspiration to thousands of other business owners and entrepreneurs alike. We are proud to offer a great product and great cause.”

Mix, Drink and enjoy !