How we love a good presentation and that especially goes for how our dining or drinking experience is served up to us with a Vegas Strip price tag. The newest hip CliQue cocktail lounge at the Cosmopolitan continues to draw the marvelous millennium crowd who crave an experiential take beyond a static presentation.




CliQue Lounge and Bar has found a way to entertain, engage and bring that interactive experience to the Cosmopolitan cocktail crowd. Clique, the most recent addition to the Cosmo’s impressive bar set showcases a plush lounge area with ample open seating that is not just a sidebar from the gaming scene.

CliQue offers the newest take on enjoying a cocktail with a chic component that you will not soon forget. The carts are equipped with all the latest mixology gadgetry, ample spirits and the freshest mixers and ingredients. The Mixologist arrives tableside and with finesse and skill prepares a libation that will leave you impressed.


This innovative tableside mixology program is honing a path of mixology excellence. “Tableside Mixology is a personalized experience.

Not only are the Mixologists being challenged to show off their personalities but it also is about really breaking down the components of the cocktail, giving an education on the flavor characteristics, making it personal experience,” said partner Jason “Jroc” Craig.

We had the opportunity to watch spell bound as several of the cocktails were manifested by master Mixologist Justin D’Angelo. We enjoyed the Bow Street Banana with Pedro Ximenez Sherry and chocolate bitters laden with banana infused Jameson. But there was no smoke and mirrors in this cocktail, just a wee bit of smoke piped into the glass for that extra bit of intrigue and drama. After a sip of the sultry smoky sherry, the bite of caramelized banana added just the right amount of sweetness to this perfect pairing.



A well-crafted list of cocktails is available tableside or from the bar for your drinking pleasure. Also enjoy savory bites such as the filet sliders or the ahi tuna that are worth sharing from the culinary creations of Chef Brian Massie. CliQue Lounge and Bar at the Cosmopolitan will be the place to impress your Clique or Just about anyone who craves a cocktail experience.