In these days and times it is important that we respect the Earth and our own bodys. On on a visit to the Central Coast of California to celebrate Earth Day Food and Wine we could not help but stop in for lunch at a highly recommended restaurant.

Thomas Hill Organics located in downtown Paso Robles is a market-bistro and wine bar dedicated to serving organic produce from their farm and highlighting unique wines from the Central Coast.

The menu changes weekly depending on the season and the availability of ingredients . The owners and the chef work with local providers for most of their needs. The fish dishes are fresh from local fisheries and their bread is made exclusively by in-town bakers who are celebrated artisans of their trade.

Three years ago owners Joe and Debbie Thomas moved to Paso Robles to start an organic farm. They started CSA (Community Supported Agriculture ) and has spread by word of mouth. Their amazing farm is located on the east hills of Paso Robles amongst the vineyards. The Farm is true to its name and is family owned and operated. The farm’s 10 acres of organically grown fruit , vegetables and nuts provide the restaurant with fresh organic produce who’s flavors explode in every bite of their dishes.

We found young , talented Chef Julie Simon busy in the kitchen creating wonderful fresh dishes. Chef Julie was born in Paris, France. At the age of twelve, her family moved to the southwest of France where they opened a bar and restaurant. Food brought her family together to cook, eat, laugh and share stories. After embarking on a path to study Law, Julie realized that her true passion was for cooking . She was inspired by her experiences growing-up around the family kitchen and table, she arrived in California to begin her culinary career. She has worked at Windows on the Water in Morro Bay with Pandee Pearson as well as The Park Restaurant in San Luis Obispo with Meagan Loring. Tasting her dishes was an experience that we will soon not forget.

 As the sun came streaming through the awnings of Thomas Hill Organics, a gentle breeze was blowing as we sat down at this sunny, welcoming restaurant . With an emphasis on organic only produce from the proprietor, Debbie Thomas, we were anticipating some mouth watering and flavorful dishes prepared from upcoming chef, Julie Simon.
We were greeted warmly, and started our newest culinary journey with a California Sparkling, Latetitia. These bubbles were refreshing and helped to enhance the flavors of the dishes

Grilled Kali short rib, Tangerine , Mango , Avocado , greens, coconut – keffir reduction and nuts

Our first plate being the Grilled Kali short rib was tender yet salty and sweet at the same time. The combination of flavors from the reduction all melded together for a delightful, colorful and healthy salad. Using only fresh organic produce, Chef Julie, reminded us that using the best and freshest ingredients does make for an extraordinary burst of flavors in all the dishes that were yet to come.

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad ,Persian Cucumbers & Seaweed , Market Citrus , sunflower sprouts and sesame.

This salad was indeed our favorite. The colors and delicate preparation and arrangement of the salad had us salivating. The Ahi melted in our mouth being perfectly prepared. The bright citrus notes from market citrus complemented the cool tender Persian cucumbers and sunflower sprouts. We were left begging for more. More was yet to come with a eye-popping stunning spring green pea salad.

Early Spring Pea salad with mint salsa verde , and house made saffron Ricotta

Being a huge fan of fresh organic produce, what could be better than early spring peas. The verdant green almost bounded off the plate. The light yellow saffron in the fresh homemade ricotta made the dish look like an artist palette. Our palates refreshed and tantalized with each

tiny fresh green pea and creamy saffron ricotta.

Vietnamese PorkBelly, pickled purple haze carrots , Jalapeno and red onions, Cilantro , Avocado , and Aioli field green saladThis sandwich was noted as one of their signature lunch dishes. Utilizing the fresh seasonal produce, Chef Julie delighted us again. The richness of the pork belly,was savory and well balanced with the spicy ingredients.

Robiola with truffled poach pear , 5 year aged Gouda with sliced apple and candied pecans , roaring 20’s blue cheese and vincotto Cheese plate

To end this most wonderful lunch we were again treated with one of the best cheese plates that we have come across. Accenting The cheeses were the truffled poached pear, red peppers with candied apple and candied pecans with a drizzling of balsamic reduction and fried sage leaves.It was no surprise that it was difficult to stop with just one taste of each perfectly paired cheese and condiment. We may have to leave this gem of a restaurant in the heart of downtown Paso Robles, but a bit of our culinary hearts will linger there until our next visit.
Thomas Hill Organics offers its guests a very special opportunity . Their T-Hill BASKET™ Offers a chance to be apart of a small family farm. You can enjoy produce harvested at peak ripeness ensuring maximum flavor and nutritional value. Each week they put together a basket of fruit, vegetables and nuts grown exclusively on their family farm. The contents of each basket vary according to the season and recipes and varietal descriptions accompany the weekly harvest.

Owner Debbie Thomas and Chef Julie Simon provided a lunch that was probably one of the most fresh and creative we have seen in quite sometime. Chef Julie Simon is a young , talented Chef that has a long acclaimed career in front for here. For more information on Thomas Hill Organics please visit