Ciopinot is a name that combines great food and of course fantastic Pinot Noirs. We were introduced to this fabulous sea-food focused restaurant on a recent trip to the Central Coast. Our journey took us to the lovely college town of San Luis Obispo California, where we had the opportunity to meet with the affable Leonard Cohen, the owner of Ciopinot and learn about one of the best sea food grilles and oyster bars on the Central Coast.



Leonard is no stranger to the restaurant business, being a member of a local restaurateur family who’s notable Old Porte Restaurant, located at the end of the Avila Beach Pier, is one of the local’s favorite dining spots. Leonard, being an astute business man, saw the need to have a sea-food focused restaurant in town, where the locals and tourists could easily come and dine on the bounty of the local catch of the day. The restaurant was a vision whose timing could not have been more embraced and enjoyed by locals and tourists alike, with many awards and kudos that now draw a large and consistent following.

According to Mr. Cohen, no one had a sea-food oriented restaurant in San Luis and here they were with the ocean literally just miles from the front door. With that in mind, the Cohen’s decided to “marry” their love of local sustainable seafood and pair it with some of the best local and worldwide Pinot Noirs. The Cohen’s believe that Pinot is the perfect pairing for their cuisine of Cioppinos, oysters and sustainable locally sourced produce and seafood. The wine list is an extensive offering of Pinots, but other varietals are available as well and if you have a great bottle from your cellar there is no corkage fee. We had the opportunity to try Kenneth Volk’s 2009 Pinot Noir, with an assortment of appetizers and signature dishes. Each dish was enhanced by the lovely cherry, smoke and cola notes of this lovely local Pinot Noir, which nicely intermingled with the spiciness of the dishes and offered a delicate balance to the texture of the fresh sea food.

Our friendly, knowledgeable server, Andrew, made our dining experience a memorable one with his expertise on local fare. As anyone in the restaurant business can attest to, the restaurant service can make or break even the best menu, and Andrew’s charming presence brought a new awareness and appreciation for the local fare and wine. Andrew truly is an asset to this charming local eatery. Leonard Cohen’s son, Ryan, the general manager, in keeping with the family restaurant legacy, was on hand to make sure everything was running smoothly as dinner was in full service. With a superb staff and incredible seafood, we can only envision continued success for Ciopinot. For more information go to
First appetizer: Mussels in the signature Cioppino sauce; spicy, meaty and with a lovely golden cheese crust.

Mussells in Cioppino








Appetizer Assortment

Appetizer assortment: Dungeness Crab Cakes
Topped with smoked tomato aioli.
Stuffed Mexican Prawns
Tender jumbo prawns stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, wrapped in honey-cured bacon,
lightly breaded and deep-fried until crispy, served with cocktail sauce
Fish Tacos.
Fresh white fish sautéed in olive oil and white wine with onion, garlic, cilantro,
and a squeeze of lemon juice. Served atop warmed corn tortillas with
Monterey jack cheese on top, sour cream and salsa- with guacamole 10
all these dishes are available with suggested wine pairings.

Our favorite of the evening a sushmi of Ahi Tuna.

Main Dishes: Reserve Cioppino 

crab meat atop of the signature cioppino with Jumbo Prawns,
Scallops, Calamari, and Fresh Fish.





Local King Salmon

Local King Salmon 
Fresh Caught King Salmon charbroiled and topped with ginger soy, and wasabe sauces. the Salmon was caught that day and did not need any sauces in our opinion. The quality spoke for itself.





Chilean Seabass

Chilean Seabass
Flash fried w/Arrow root topped with fresh diced strawberries crispy fried leaks and drizzled with sweet and sour sauce. We were able to indulge in this amazing entrée due to the fact that it was sourced sustainably as hook and line caught; A true tasty treasure that we immensely enjoyed.

Fresh Blueberry Cobbler,
And Crème Brulee
Both desserts were lovely way to finish a superb meal.