The Brooklyn Wok Shop  is  neighborhood’s latest culinary fixture in Brooklyn has brought a Chinese Cuisine to a whole new level.

The rustic decor and walls adorned with blonde wood slats, and a mural of glossy Mandarin blue China bowls on organic cork is just the beginning of your experience when you walk in the doors of this new dining venue .  Chef Edric Har , formally of  Le Bernardin,  Veritas,  and Cru has created what he calls  Chinese Food 2.0  executed in an American French kitchen line.

Brooklyn Wok Shop is a joint venture with his wife, Melissa, who grew up in the restaurant business and her family owns a number of Chinese restaurants in Orlando. They met in college and began dating in 2005 when Edric was working 12-hour days at Cru. It was about this time  Melissa got educated about dining and fine-tuned her palate and their newest adventure was born.

Chef Edric Har and  Melissa

Wok Shop’s menu concept focuses strictly on hormone and antibiotic free meats that deliver exceptional ingredient driven Chinese dishes . Entrees are reminiscent of  time-honored take-out, but  crafted with care and offers diners a delicious upgrade on a traditional  staples.

“The idea dawned on us in a surprising way. We realized how much we missed our last apartment on Spring Street in Manhattan… it was only five blocks away from Chinatown, and our local go-to spot for good Chinese food. After searching the neighborhood and not being able to find that go-to familiar place, well, that was when Brooklyn Wok Shop’s concept became crystal clear to us both. ” stated Edric and Melissa Har.

The pared-down menu features pork and shrimp Shiu Mai (a cloud-white dumpling that forgoes any added yellow dyes and is chopped and folded by hand), Salt and Pepper Squid with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce as well as Cantonese staples like General Tso’s Chicken and Orange Beef, all made from scratch with better ingredients. Noodles are made in-house and are anchored in its basic ingredients of flour and eggs. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available as well.

Chef Edric’s Parisian-inspired touches can be found all over the menu , including the flaky crust used in Har’s take on Chinese egg custard and his preference over traditional woks for French black steel pans.

The food is approachable and is  Chinese food touched with an artisan hand. From the cuts of meat, the selection of vegetables and seasonings to the thoughtful technique and preparation, each dish is casual and easy to digest visually and with the palate. This concept provides high quality, ingredient-driven food that is consistent, delicious and nourishing, time and time again.


“We wanted to stay true to the everyday day food that we eat at home and grew up with while being conscious of the meats we buy at home for ourselves”…said Edric Har,

Its not just about food but beverage as well. The Wok Shop’s beverage program features fresh, house-made cocktails that blend ingredients such as Sriracha hot chili sauce and lychee as well as a selection of French wines from Jerome Selections, a small business distributed from the local Greenpoint area.

The Wok Shop has also teamed up with Brooklyn Brewery and Six Points to provide diners with pairing that is both fun and delicious. The seasonally selected drafts were chosen to pair well with the traditional palate of Chinese dishes.

The Wok Shop is a true “mom and pop” operation that takes a new look at Chinese cuisine and is sure to impress any palate.

182 N 10th Street (btwn Bedford and Driggs Ave)

Brooklyn, NY 11211   |   347-889-7992

Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs: 5:30 – 10pm

Fri, Sat: 5:30 – 11pm   |   CLOSED TUESDAY