The Venetian Palazzo resorts over the last several years have enjoyed summer with their renowned carnevale celebration. This one-of-a-kind celebration is a combination of food and wine in Venetian carnevale style with jugglers and all kinds of interesting characters, even walking trees are seen entertaining the guests all over the renowned resorts. This year has been no exception.

In true carnevale style, a renowned winery came to town.  Yes, that lovely Italian icon of a winery, whose wines have stood out for generations, Antinori, has joined with the festivities to provide world class wines for the Celebration. This Antinori wine dinner event was hosted by the one and only Sebastian Silvestri, Vice President of Food and Beverage as well as Alessia Botturi, the president of the North American Sommelier Association and a renowned authority of Italian Wines.  Upon entering the private dining venue Sebastian greeted every guest with his usual class, charm and bright smile along with a lovely glass of champagne in hand to get the evening started off on the right foot.  At the helm of the kitchen is the admiral himself, Venetian / Palazzo Executive Chef Olivier Dubreuil, who created a work of art pairing these classic wines with imaginative dishes.

Executive Chef Olivier Dubreui

Executive Chef Olivier Dubreui

After mingling with our fellow guests, we were escorted to the  dining room adorned with white wipe clean tablecloths and crystal glasses; a sea of sparking glass on every table. A big smile came over our faces as we anticipated the lovely night ahead. After a brief tour of the kitchen, which was abuzz with preparatory activity, it was time to take our seats and get ready for the evening.


In classic French style we started with an AMUSE BOUCHE.  This was our signal that we were about to experience true artistry from the kitchen and the glass.

We started right off with Antinori Prunotto, Moscato D’asti, Tuscany, Italy 2011, which was bright and crisp and reminded us of a summer day in Tuscany. Out of the   corner of our eyes, we see it!  A beautiful plate approaching us, our eyes dart with anticipation, and yes, it is the holy grail of French food, a lovely Foie Gras.   Placed in front of us with Chef’s touch of port wine and parmesan foam just to tantalize us as we dive into the king of French cuisine

Amuse Bouche

Foie Gras, Port Wine and Parmesan Foam

















We started right off with a dish fit for Napoleon himself, this was just the first course and yet, here we begin with another lovely dish! It’s a Red Endive Mango salad with capers blue cheese and candied pears that provided layers of flavors featuring citrus, creamy classic blue cheese and the sweetness of lovely candied pears as we get us ready for our next course.



Red Endive Mango Salad with Capers, Bleu Cheese and Candied Pecans

Antinori, Castello Della Sala, Chardonnay, Umbria, Italy 2011

















Its summer in Las Vegas, so it’s 115 F in the shade and we are indulging in Soup!  The Lobster Bisque soup a light, lovely summer creation swimming with tender chunks of lobster.  We dove in with great joy with our tasty refreshing glass of Antinori, Castello Della Sala, Chardonnay, Umbria, Italy 2011. Chef’s lobster bisque soup with Green Pea and Micro Tarragon was a delightful version of a classic dish. . The lobster, succulent, sweet and savory with green pea and Tarragon added to the end for a lovely liquid finish and paired perfectly with the Chardonnay.


Lobster Bisque Soup with Green Pea and Micro Tarragon

Antinori, Castello Della Sala, Chardonnay, Umbria, Italy 2011

















We were waiting with eagerness the minute we saw the menu for the next course. We would have the opportunity to enjoy two Classic Wines from Antinori !  .  Our glasses full of two iconic wines, Antinori, Tignanello, Tuscany, Italy 2003 Antinori and Tignanello, Tuscany, Italy 2006 we were  at the ready for what was next from Chef.

Yet another French classic was on our plate, of course, Quail, but this time with Black Truffle Risotto and mixed herbs.  Does it get any better than this?  You combine a dish like this with these beautiful Wines and there is nothing to say but thank you Chef for giving us yet another dish that marries food and wine together.   We thought the Roasted quail was a period on  a lovely, dinner however we were wrong, and gladly so because there were a two more Iconic Antinori wines for us to savor for the next culinary master 



Roasted Quail with Black Truffle Risotto and Mixed Herbs

Antinori, Tignanello, Tuscany, Italy 2003

Antinori, Tignanello, Tuscany, Italy 200



We have had an Amuse gift from the Chef, salad, soup, poultry and so now it must be time for beef of course.











A Beef Cap Steak with shishito peppers Dijon mustard and sautéed parsley.  The beef was cooked to rich, juicy perfection with the peppers adding a hint of spice accented with savory Dijon mustard and sautéed parsley.  This dish was the outstanding favorite of the night.


Beef Cap Steak with Shishito Peppers, Dijon Mustard and Sautéed Parsley

Antinori, Tignanello, Tuscany, Italy 2008

Antinori, Tignanello, Tuscany, Italy 2009
















No dinner of this caliber is complete without a dessert.  And we had one that was a sight to Behold. It looked like a work of art and it was glowing with an artfully placed candle in the center to illuminate each facet of this dessert presentation!  Worthy of placement in the Louvre and tasty too! This dessert plate featuring, warm chocolate lava cake accented with gold flakes exploded with richness the minute the fork pierced the crust.   The lemon cantaloupe granite helped refresh and cleanse the palate.

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake and Lemon Cantaloupe Granite

Antinori, Muffato Della Sala, Umbria, Italy 2007


You don’t have to go to Italy to enjoy great wines and classic French cuisine.  Italian wine, French cuisine combined together for a palate pleasing experience can be found at the Venetian/ Palazzo resorts. Let carnevale 2013 continue!  We already have our reservations made for 2014 but there is still have more to come from carnevale 2013 this summer featuring the best in food, wine and entertainment.