The Monte Carlo Resort has recently completed a multimillion dollar renovation to its strip facing façade. Such a renovation would necessitate services similar to that Insulation Removal.  This fun, open air plaza features six dinning venues, live entertainment literally located right on the famed neon of the Las Vegas strip. One of these homes of gastronomic treats is Yusho.


We dined on creative Izakaya fare, perfectly prepared by the tutelage of chef Matthias Merges, His artful culinary creations have been honed for years as he was at managed the helm of Chef Charlie Trotter’s acclaimed Chicago flagship and now has brought this experience to Las Vegas with this gem of a restaurant. His culinary expertise is amplified in this new Japanese street food eatery

We started our meal trying some very unique on tap cocktails, which are made in limited quantities and then poured from a tap like a beer, giving the cocktail a fizzy, slightly carbonated finish. Our meal started with lovely oysters, fresh with their salty briny taste, alongside our plate of the octopus with haricot vert, egg yolk and enoki mushroom. The octopus is cooked to perfection and the mixture of the green beans, and creamy egg yolk makes it a dish worth visiting over and over again.

Up next, our server delivered an assortment of tasty bites. A stand out was the Logan Poser Ramen, made with crispy pork, egg, nori and cucumber. This dish had a rich savory broth, delectable noodles, and a lovely dallop of nori and egg. Another treat was their homemade pickled radishes which help bring a bite of acidity and sparkle between courses. The 2X Fried Chicken, created with spicy kanzuri, green tea and lime zest was sumptuous and satisfying. We weren’t over yet as perfectly cooked rib-eye that would satisfy any meal-lovers palate arrived on our plates.

The final ending to our meal was their signature dessert, the soft serve-ice cream drizzled with Fernet caramel. This refreshingly light treat left us presently pleased. Yusho is most likely the best , innovative restaurant that has opened in Las Vegas in years.