Pizza is a word that is well known throughout the United States. But where oh where did this all American favorite come from any way? Foods similar to pizza have been enjoyed since the neolithic age.  There are even records of people adding ingredients to bread to make it more flavorful throughout ancient history. In Sardinia, French and Italian archaeologists found bread baked over 7,000 years ago. The Ancient Greeks had a flat bread called plakous which was flavored with toppings like herbs, onion, and garlic.

Americans LOVE Pizza!  It first made its appearance in the United States with the arrival of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century and was very popular among large Italian populations in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Saint Louis. Then, in the late 19th century, pizza was introduced by peddlers who walked up and down the streets with a metal washtub of pizzas on their heads and the rest is part of American history. For more on good pizza check out brooklyncraftpizza.

Las Vegas, like most iconic American cities has its share of mouthwatering Pizza, some of which are creations from Celebrity Chefs well known for their television shows. We found our top 10 pizzas located both on and off the famed Las Vegas strip.

FIVE50 PIZZA BAR from Chef Shawn McClain is located at the Aria Resort. Here you can enjoy authentic New York and Sicilian-style pies or you can choose to build your own.  They have a nice craft beer selection as well.

 DUE FORNI PIZZA & WINE Located in Summerlin  features Neapolitan and Roman ovens .This duo  produces real “old school “ crusts and feature some of the most  fresh , ingredients in town. Don’t forget to check out their fabulous wine list as well.

Pizza Rock Las Vegas, can be found in the newly revived Downtown area. There is plenty of room to bring your friends as this venue can seat 185 people with room to spare! They specialize in six styles of pizza that include NYC-style pizzas cooked in a gas-fired brick oven at a glowing 550-degrees. You can also enjoy a Neapolitan cooked in a 900-degree wood oven as well.

 Radio City Pizza, is a Downtown favorite. Enjoy gourmet pizzas of all types from a tangy chicken parmesan to a meat-lovers delight that will please the carnivores. For those who are health conscious, you can order up whole wheat and gluten free pizzas as well.

Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan Resort is very good and unique. It really is a secret but well worth the hunt!  Look for a hallway with vintage records on the walls. Once inside, order your NY-style pizza with a ton of choices and a cold beverage as a reward for your search efforts.

 NAKED CITY PIZZA SHOP, located near China Town is a local favorite and can be found inside Moon Doggies Bar. Enjoy house made meatballs and meet a local!

SETTEBELLO PIZZERIA , located in Summerlin  is  a Neapolitan pizza specialist . The Pizzas are simple and made with fresh ingredients that are sure to please. They also have a nice roomy full bar to quench any thirst you may have.

METRO PIZZA ,  with multiple locations has even fed Presidents. It’s been around for over 30 years and offers tasty pies as well as numerous other gastronomic delights on their menu as well.

D.O.C.G. ENOTECA, from Chef Scott Conant can be found the Cosmopolitan Resort. You can’t beat D.O.C.G if you’re in the mood for a great Pizza and a nice glass of wine.

DOM DEMARCO’S PIZZERIA & BAR in Summerlin is a nice treat from Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. The Pizzas are tasty and the venue offers a warm family feel with many additional menu items that keep you coming back for more.

Those are our Top Ten Pizzas in Las Vegas for 2014. However, we would be remiss without giving a nod to the newly opened PIN UP PIZZA at the Plant Hollywood Resort. For the largest slices on The Strip, you can order and look at the dolled up rockabilly Pin-Up servers.  Yes, these pizza gals wear uniforms inspired by Bettie Page and other famous pin-up ladies from the 1950s. They have a very good chance of making the Top 10 of 2015. Only time and Pizza will tell.