Taqueria Canonita located in the middle of the canal shoppes at the Venetian hotel, lends itself to the taquerias one may find in Mexico, but with the romance of Venice in the background. Taqueria Canonita is a great place to stop and people watch
and enjoy the open dining area as you
indulge in wonderful Mexican dishes
while watching the singing gondoliers escorting their gondolas with
smiling tourists down the canal.
As we sipped on their signature Jerepico Margeritas, we sampled
some of the best guacalmole in Las Vegas. With the hint of lime,

and serrano peppers, we quickly emptied our bowl of this fufilling

Taqueria Canonita’s chef Daniel Marquez, along with his great staff will
certainly make your stop in “Mexico” and “Venice” a special dining
experience. For more information go to http://www.canonita.net/home.html