Rick Harrison has found the key to capture the attention of many treasure hunters waiting in the long lines outside his Gold &Silver Pawn Shop. With his expanding popularity it seems that the mini-outdoor mall adjacent complex was another brilliant move to pacify the media masses.
Using bold pops of eye primary colors and a bevy of converted shipping containers, Rick Harrison now has a way to maintain the masses as they wait to pawn their wares.


Inna Gadda di Pizza, featuring pizza that is both reminiscent of a good old boys NY pizzeria has a corner container eatery that is worth visiting. Owner, Ralph Cautela, has found just the right place for you grab a cheesy slice or send your kids off to while you’re waiting for you turn at turning trash into treasure.
Cautela’s Secret Pizza kitchen at the Cosmopolitan is his first pizza venture here in Las Vegas. Although not so secret anymore, many have found that hidden gem within the Cosmopolitan Hotel as a nice respite among the high end restaurants within the hotel. Cautela has found being out the open is a better gig when you are next to a Pawn empire.

Another dining option is the Smoke’s Poutinerie,, A Canadian chain that has some of the boasts gravy laden fries and cheese curds that is best known in this country and up north as Poutine. Aye, it is something to worth trying, if only once. To calm down the excesses of pizza and poutine and dose the flame of summer heat, Rita’s Italian Ice is the coolest concoction on restaurant row. With Italian ices or frozen custards that will keep Gram or the kiddies refreshed and relaxed as you for your number to come up. If you get to the Plaza early or need an afternoon pick me up, Pawn Donut and Coffee will satisfy the caffeine connection with the sugar boost needed to keep up your strength while you face the wishful crowds. And, you don’t need to go to Highland drive amongst the seedy strip clubs with the kids to grab some good old BBQ, Rick’s Rolling Smoke Barbeque & Tavern are now right on the block to be enjoyed with all the other offerings.

With the signature ribs, sliced brisket, beef hot links and a full bar, everyone waiting for their claim to fame will have somewhere to go to celebrate their good fortune or to soothe the bruised ego when things don’t add up at the Pawn Shop. Pawn Plaza is a good way to spend the day while pawn dreams are being made or a place to console you with some great food.