Sharky’s 29th location in the lineage of Modern Mexican Eateries just opened in Las Vegas Nevada to the delight of many seeking a healthier version of fresh Mex. New offerings are available within this sleek modern build out with exposed wood, repurposed materials, and lots of communal dining tables and comfy booths.



Paperno strives to set Sharky’s apart as a holistic Mexican diner where vegans, vegetarians and carnivores can peaceably partake of nature’s bounty.





Using grilled meats, Non GMO and gluten free taco shells and tortillas, while offering the freshest in organic and sustainable products within a reasonable price point, Sharky’s strives to craft healthy fast food.

Try the grilled BBQ chicken salad with sweet fire-roasted organic corn, sweet peppers, and fresh mixed greens with a textural hit of toasted pecans all gently tossed in a creamy chipotle BBQ dressing.

Offset the spicy flavors with a handcrafted lemonade or specialty beverage. The vegan Roasted Cauliflower and Mushrooms tacos filled with exceptional flavor that bewitches with a melding of “chorizo-spiced” sweet potatoes, mushrooms and cauliflower.

Summer Harvest Salad has super food power with quinoa, fresh greens, and organic veggies.
“We’re so passionate when it comes to providing delicious Mexican food with modern flavors in a healthy way, “says Sharky’s CEO Steven Paperno. Sharky’s wants to be modern Mexican for the food conscious eater and those just seeking a healthier alternative.



Dive into the thoughtful and tasteful menu items and your taste buds will be swimming in a sea of great flavors. Ole!