Las Vegas off strip dining has caught fire over the last 5 years, giving rise to chefs fanning passion for their craft while creating gratification among   their guests’ miles away from the neon lights.  Recently the embers have fallen in Southern Highlands with a newer culinary hotspot, Mama Bird whose Southern Kitchen’s grills and smokers are heating things up with their authentic southern comfort food that brings back mouth-watering memories of anyone born in the south or beyond.

Waking into Mama Bird, diners feel welcomed as a hungry chick waiting for Mama’s goodness. While entering the communal dining space complete with checkered tablecloths and quaint memorabilia, enticing aromas urge one to pull up a chair, look over the menu, relax and prepare for a down home meal experience. “We are a southern inspired kitchen and smokehouse that celebrates and revives what it means to enjoy home-made, backyard-smoked dishes with a modern take on traditional creations,” said manager Zachary Substanley.


A brilliant way to begin is Liam’s Ginger Beer, house made, hand crafted and non-alcoholic. It’s made fresh from just four natural ingredients: purified water, fresh ginger, hand squeezed lime juice and raw sugar.  With no preservatives or artificial flavors this Ginger Beer is crisp and refreshing, providing the perfect thirst quencher to whatever menu item you may choose.



Breakfast provides a plethora of choices with the added bonus of being able to order this items-all day. No matter how you enjoy your eggs, whether scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, over medium over hard as well as soft whites, raw yoke or firm yoke, poached or basted, Mama Bird delivers with “eggs-pert” preparation. Other breakfast items will have you crowing with delight.  Dig into the Sausage Gravy & Biscuits, Fried Chicken and Waffle and even Chicken Fried Steak as well as the Here Piggy, Piggy Omelet- a brilliant bacon sausage omelet featuring Mama’s seasoned potatoes and the “everything” biscuit with a shoulder of bacon and American cheese.

Begin with their Wicked Deviled Eggs-candied jalapeno and of course bacon. Fried Chicken sandwiches are all the rage right now. Mama’s Fried Chicken Sandwich on a fresh potato roll, pickle, tomato and their own “comeback sauce” holds it own with the best.  Pro tip for spice lovers-order it “M.M.A.D HOT”.


Get your appetite ready and dive into a Fried Chicken Plate with your pick of tenders, boneless thigh or boneless breast. After all, Mama’s is known for their Barbecue Plates so there is really no excuse not to indulge.


First up, the Salt & Pepper Smoked Brisket is intensely prepared, redolent and tender, a must in curing a carnivore’s craving or indulge in the succulent Pecan smoked Baby Back ribs that will keep you coming back for just one more bone to pick. Why choose between them? Get them both by the half slab or half pound for the true Mama Bird experience.

Save room for the sweet treats that please the palate with refreshing choices such as The Watermelon Soft Serve. However, who doesn’t like desert in a jar?  The Hummingbird Cake Jar filled with banana, pineapple, pecan, coconut, and cream cheese frosting melded together in a jar of sweet and decadent flavors. And of course, the Oreo Red Velvet Cake with fan favorite Oreos, chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting turns a traditional treat into a sophisticated dessert.

Owner Robert Chiti and manger Zachary Substanley have created a very special venue with their delightful focus on hospitality and elevated comfort food and look to expand their operation in the near future. Mama Bird is the kind of setting where you feel so much at home-you could set a spell and savor the flavors- We did and we hope y’all do the same!