Where can you get the freshest buttered Main lobster tail heaped upon a warm freshly baked roll while strolling along the strip? Not in a Casino restaurant, but at a small kiosk-like building nestled next to Nieman Marcus on Las Vegas Blvd. Brooklyn based lobster shack has now opened its 19t. Restaurant, Luke’s Lobster, and the first in the Western United States “We were presented with the idea of being outside in Las Vegas, away from having to find us through a Casino” said Luke Holden.


Vice President Ben Conniff and brothers, Luke and Bryan Holden, along with friend Scott Bullard and co-owner, Jeff Holden have come together in bringing the freshest and best Maine ingredients to hungry holiday shoppers and beyond. Starting with an initial $35, 000 investments, the partners, have expanded on the East Coast and wanted to continue to spread the goodness of Maine, to those West of the Mississippi. “We are vertically integrated with our sister company Cape Seafood, a state of the art seafood company, MSC certified using sustainable practices” stated Luke Holden.


This partnership is working directly with Fisherman every day, finding fresh live lobster, crabs, and shrimp. They are bringing the product into the seafood company, cooking it and then sending it directly to the restaurant,” stated Luke Holden co-owner and name recipient of this success story. “There is no middle man, there’s no extra handling that gives us total control over all quality and shipment. Every given day guests can see on the blackboard, like those wall chalk boards, where there seafood is coming from.” On average, there is a shipment sent three times a week for the Las Vegas location but that can change due to the demand of the product.
With the Holiday shoppers descending upon the Fashion Show Mall, Luke’s is a convenient, healthy and absolutely made with the best ingredients for the consumer. “We like to celebrate the products from where we are from,” partner Ben Conniff said. “Our Blueberry Lemonade uses real blueberries and honey from Maine, offering less empty calories and more substance. But we are also interested in working with the local community, so we are using a local bakery for our bread products. We are looking at getting our beer license, and working with a local brewery.”

The only hard part of having such great ingredients was deciding on what to order. We had to sample the mainstay, the Lobster Roll, with the rich lobster as the star of the sandwich, not drowning in mayo and clarified butter. A simple dollop of mayo, a dash of lemon butter, and the “secret seasoning” comprise the entire accompaniment this roll needed to highlight the freshness of the sea.

Whether you are in the mood for lobster, crab or shrimp, each roll is a signature of pure seafood goodness. And don’t forget to grab a cup of the piping hot creamy, clam laden, New England clam chowder to stave off the cold and satisfy your seafood cravings. Luke Lobster may have just started off in this small Kiosk, but with superb offerings from the Main coastline to the bustling Las Vegas Blvd, we may just see the beginning of another success story this side of the Mississippi.