At the end of October we stated  “We will be running  not walking  to Honey  Salt  very soon and will bring you inside Honey Salt for a taste by taste sip by sip report from what promises to be a wonderful dining experience. “  And that ,we did on multiple occasions.

This newest venue in the heart of Summerlin was badly needed having lost two long time , iconic local restaurants that was literally “home” for many  due to the down turn in the economy . Honey Salt is the first independent venture from visionaries Elizabeth Blau and Chef Kim Canteenwalla. It is inspired by their love for entertaining at their home. From the time you first walk through the doorway you feel at home. The homey atmosphere starts with the design of the décor, much like the ones from Primrose Lifestyle, to the handpicked farm-to-table inspired menu.

Elizabeth Blau

Elizabeth stated “Honey Salt is inspired by the food we love to serve at home and the friends we love to share it with.”  It’s meant to be a social affair with a focus on community, creativity and comfort.”  She could not have been more right!  Whether you take a seat at the bar or seated at a table you feel part of the restaurant and the community that is dining with smiles on their face.

Chef Kim Canteenwalla








In many restaurants if you want to speak with the Chef you may ask your server if he or she could spare a moment to come tableside.  That is not the case at Honey Salt . The center piece of the venue is the Expedite station placed right in front of the kitchen where Chef Kim Canteenwalla touches very dish that comes to the window with his final touches of culinary artistry.

On every occasion we have visited, without fail,  Chef Kim and Elizabeth can be seen visiting every table and the bar greeting their guests and making sure their dishes are to the guests liking.

Honey Salt is also known for some very delightful specialty cocktails created by this duo of culinary legends.  Elizabeth created the “Sweeter Than Honey “cocktails.  We enjoyed “ The Lady Blau Sparkle “ which features Charbay blood orange , chandon ,bitters  soaked sugar  and then moved over to Kim’s “Salt of the Earth “ creations.  We highly recommend the “Salty Son Of A Gun” which is a lovely blend of sazerac rye,lairds apple jack ,dark ale , smoked sea salt .  Another great selection is “The Midnight Rambler” with bulleit bourbon, angostura bitter and maple syrup!. The beer list features Pints, Tall boys and bottles of some fantastic microbrews. The wine list offers wines by the glass, carafe and bottle from around the world.

Turkey Meatballs

Chef Kim is known for using his international background and his love of simple cooking with layers of fresh flavors. We started with the Turkey Meatballs, alta cucina tomatoes, caramelized onions add a special layer of mouthwatering palate pleasing delight and fresh horseradish. This dish is so good that we have had it on every visit!


Chef Kim’s Burrata ,Rosso Bruno & Teardrop Tomatoes is a great start to your Honey Salt experience . If you are in the mood for a Sandwich, The Biloxi Buttermilk Fried Chicken with creamy slaw, durkees dressing, and chopped salad on a fresh brioche roll will satisfy your craving.

Burrata ,Rosso Bruno & Teardrop Tomatoes








Biloxi Buttermilk Fried Chicken

On the dinner menu we could not get enough the spicey Yellowtail Crudo with Peruvian salsa, shaved jicama &radish, pickled cilantro and puffed rice.  The lunch and dinner menu both feature Paleta Iberico Ham with succulent young manchego , grilled asparagus , marcona almonds finished off with minus 8 vinegar .



One of the family favorites, Carmelized Sea Scallops, charred cauliflower, vanilla bean cauliflower puree and truffle saucewill please everyone at the table.

Yellowtail Crudo

Honey Salt offers Burgers, Filet Mignon, Scottish Salmon, Roast Swordfish and many other tasty delights including several unique salads that show off the Farm to Table passion of Chef Kim and Elizabeth.






No matter what you may be in the mood for, Honey Salt has it for lunch or dinner. You will not be disappointed and will find what you are craving any time of day. Summerlin once again has its homey, friendly, community driven neighborhood, locally owned restaurant back! As we said months ago, RUN don’t walk to Honey Salt and enjoy!