Milo’s Restaurateur Costas Spiliadis is known for excellence in Greek Dining serving the freshest Mediterranean seafood found throughout the world. He has now taken it up a notch featuring boutique wines from all over this very ancient land. In Las Vegas, guests can now enjoy a monthly Winemaker’s Table Dinner on the first Thursday of each month.


These dinners provide an outstanding, rare opportunity to experience organic, world-class wines produced from indigenous varieties by award winning winemakers accented by a specially designed, six-course tasting menu featuring Milos’ signature dishes.


Recently, the Pelopnonnese region was featured with excellence on the plate and in the glass. Chef’s selection of oysters served with dill cucumber mignonette and a crisp 2016 Rhous Estate White wine was a splendid beginning to the six-course tasting menu ($79 per person).





Pan seared bay scallops with olive oil and sea salt were the next offering and paired beautifully with a 2016 Tselepos Canava Assyrtiko wine. ”



A meal would not be complete without a tasty fish selection from this renowned venue and Milo’s has an elaborate display of fish and produce that is prominently featured for guests to look at as they make their menu decisions.




On this occasion, perfectly prepared grilled grouper served with Mediterranean couscous and a 2015 Venetsanos Nykteri wine certainly delighted all that attended.

The wine pairings were spot on as the 2016 Venetsanos Mandilara married wonderfully with a colorful dish of red yellow and orange Holland Peppers with EVOO, roasted garlic, aged balsamic and grilled mushrooms.



Colorado Grilled Prime Lamb chops with steamed broccoli and cauliflower arrived tableside and provided guests with an exceptional cut of lamb, paired with 2014 Rhous Kotsifali Mandilara “skipper red” wine. ‘




The big FINI was just that; a fabulous dining experience coming to an end with a sweet and tart Kardopita served with Kaimaki ice cream and fresh fruit paired with 2014 RhousVidiano/Plyto “skipper white”wine.

The Milos Winemaker Table Dinner’s provide novices and experienced oenophiles and opportunity to learn about small production Greek wines and some of the most authentic Greek dishes that can be found outside of the Mediterranean itself.