There is no question that Las Vegas has been a trend setter in the culinary world for years. One of the finest seafood venues in Las Vegas is Chef Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood. This celebrity chef world class restaurant sells up to 10,000 oysters per week!  With that many delights from the sea RM Seafood at the Mandalay Resort In Las Vegas  has added its own special way to indulge.

Chef de Cuisine Sean Collins

Recently we stopped to taste test a new project that Chef de Cuisine Sean Collins has developed to critical acclaim.  To begin with he decided that Tabasco was far too common and wanted to take the oyster experience to a who new level. This young talented Chef jumped right in his new line of hot sauces, RM seafood Elixir.

Tasting through the 23 flavors Chef advised us “Be careful, follow the chart, see the scoville levels and work your way into it” After a quick education, water, a cocktail and a dozen fabulous oysters we were ready to begin.

We particularly enjoyed “Pass That Ish”. This smoky, spicy blend of pasilla peppers and champagne vinegar provided a perfect addition to the savory, sweet oyster. For those who enjoy more heat, dive into “Fear the Reaper” with Carolina reapers and rice wine vinegar. We indulged in most of these hot creations and were highly impressed. There is an Elixir for everyone.  Don’t feel that these are just for oysters. Sample them with any dish you desire and you can even take them home or have them shipped.

No matter where you are in the world. You can enjoy an Elixir of your choice from RM Seafood. .Tune in at watch Chef Sean Collins explain the process.