Caesars Palace has long been iconic on the famed Las Vegas strip.  With the recent  focus of  Las Vegas  on the worldwide culinary stage,  Caesars Palace  has kept its place on the strip with a long list of culinary all star celebrity Chefs setting up venues on the property.

Another iconic Las Vegas tradition is the buffet where historically tourists and locals alike queue up in seamless endless lines for a “trip around the world “featuring  dishes that resemble a land far way all without ever leaving a noisy crowded room . In THAT Las Vegas you could have that same experience three times a day and eat to your heart’s content.  As journalists in the Industry we have made it a practice to steer away from such a culinary carnival and focus on many other aspects of what these world class resorts have to offer.   That was the old Las Vegas. Caesars Palace has just taken the buffet to a whole new level with its $17 million dollar venue,  BACCHANAL Buffet.








BACCHANAL is not the buffet of the past that we just described by any means.  Designed by the legionary design firm Super Potato and headed up by Tesuo Aoyagi , this venue is world class in every since of the word. This all new dining extravaganza is actually nine restaurants in a sleek modern setting offering fresh food and ingredients that is sure to tantalize your palate.

Executive Chef Scott Green

Executive Chef Scott Green has put together Chefs from around the world to create more than 500 dishes for guests to enjoy.  Walking into the buffet your senses are awakened as you scan room after room of mouthwatering dishes.





Chicken and Waffles

BACCHANAL can satisfy any craving you can imagine whether its prime rib, succulent chilled king crab legs, South Carolina shrimp and grits, Lamb Chops, Oysters, handmade sushi and sashimi, dim sum and even baked to order soufflés.  Chef Scott explained “My team of seven specialized chefs oversee the preparation of the food and is prepared in front of the guest that creates a fun interactive environment.”

Shrimp and Grits

BACCHANAL is also green, which is very important in these times using natural, recycled and reclaimed materials. This dining experience takes guests into a sensory trip that will excite all your senses.












The first and largest room is Glass complete with chandeliers, the second area is Wood that gives off a nice warm comfortable feeling .The third area is Steel  and focuses  on repurposed , weathered plates from factories and warehouses  for a rustic feel .

King Crag Legs


One could stay in this 25,000 square foot foodie heaven for hours and just break the surface of what is offered, therefore it is highly recommended to visit multiple times and use  your nose and eyes are your guide.  We enjoyed the Red Velvet Pancakes which are a house specialty, King Crab legs are a must. Additionally, you must try the Meatballs that rival any we have had in a fine dining venue.



Of course you can’t go wrong with fresh, hand-made dim sum , sushi , sashimi and Oysters from the east . Carnivores are not left out my any means. Prime rib carved to order, pepper steak and oak-grilled lamb chops will satisfy the meat lover in anyone.  And yes dessert choices are numerous and decadent with cheesecake, chocolate dipped strawberries and personal Soufflés just to name a few.







BACCHANAL Buffet has changed the way buffets will look in the future. Its contemporary design and breathtaking view of the Resort’s Garden of the Gods pool provides and combination that is unmatched and has set the bar very high in this city of all-stars.

Caesars President Gary Selesner , Chef Scott Green  and designer  Tesuo Aoyagi  have teamed up and created an 17 million dollar work of art .  BACCHANAL is an experience to be enjoyed by everyone, even cynical journalists who plan on experiencing BACCHANAL  as often as we can .