Celebrity Chef Jose Andres Celebrates La Tomatina in Las Vegas.

Each year, on the last Wednesday of August, the humble city of Buñol is transformed into the site of Spain’s most famous food fight – La Tomatina. It is here that over 150,000 tomatoes serve as “weapons” in Buñol, but at Jaleo, they prefer to use them in specialty tapas and cocktails – the perfect late-summer indulgence. Starting the week of August 22, it’s officially Tomatina time! celebrate two weeks of specials featuring unique preparations of the season’s best produce.

Everything from from simple ensaladas with juicy heirloom tomatoes as well as  specialty Spanish ingredients like conserved tuna, to grilled steak served with heirloom tomatoes and piparra peppers, the focus is all about la tomatina.

Carne asada con tomate – Image
Grilled steak with heirloom tomatoes and piparra peppers $26

Ensalada de tomate con atún – Image
Heirloom tomato salad with Spanish conserved tuna, sweet onion, and piparra dressing $16

Mejillones a la marinera
Grilled mussels with white wine and tomato sofrito $24

Vodka, sherry, tomato water, lemon juice, and orange bitters $14

Reservations are recommended and can be placed by phone or online:
Call 702.698.7950 or visit https://www.jaleo.com/location/las-vegas/#reservations