Fly, Drive, Walk, or run to Brezza on August 30th. Why you may ask?  “A Taste of BABBO at BREZZA” has been announced for Tuesday night, August 30th, at Resorts World Las Vegas-That’s why! It’s going to be an outstanding evening featuring five participating chefs who all trained under the B&B umbrella of restaurants, including Chef Zach Allen, current Director of Culinary and Development for RSC Management Services (Mozza, Babbo, Lupa, and more), Chef Nicole Brisson, Exec Chef of Brezza, Bar Zazu and AMARI, Chef Arnold Corpuz, Exec Sous Chef of Brezza & Bar Zazu, Jorge Puebla, and Jose Gonzalez (Dennis) of Brezza.
The driving force for these chefs was the post-covid understanding of the importance of chef collaborations and really honoring their blood, sweat, and tears while working at some of the very best Italian restaurants in the US. “My first day at B&B Ristorante I was trained on the Babbo recipes by Jorge Puebla,” recalls Chef Nicole Brisson. “Jorge and Zach Allen worked with Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich for over 20 years and the menu will consist of so many of our favorite classics. My business partner at Brezza, Jason Rocheleau, and I have been excited about a dinner like this since the day we opened.” “Our Beverage Director, Miklos Katona, has carefully selected Italian varietals you would find in Babbo’s iconic wine cellar in NYC,” continues Brisson, “and I can’t wait to get the band back together and share such a memorable experience with our guests.”
                                The menu they’ve composed is an array of classic Babbo dishes and personal favorites:
                                                                         Taste of BABBO at BREZZA
                                                                               ~ bread service ~
                                                                             goat cheese truffles
                                                                          crostini, peperonata, arugula
                                                                  Bisol “Cartizze” Prosecco 2021
                                                                           warm lambs tongue
                                                        black truffle vinaigrette, poached egg, pecorino
                                                                 Borgo del Tiglio Friulano 2017
                                                                        maccheroni alla chitarra
                                                                       roasted tomatoes, chile, bottarga
                                                                         La Ginestra Pigato 2020
                                                                              mint love letters
                                                                                  spicy lamb sausage
                                                          Ronchi di Cialla Schiopettino 1992
                                                                         two-minute calamari
                                                                     caper berries, currants, pine nuts
                                                                       LVNEA Ciliegiolo 2020
                                                          braised beef shank (Thor’s Hammer)
                                                                         ~ carved tableside ~
                                                   citrus gremolata, sautéed kale, parmesan orzo risotto
                                                  Fontanafredda “La Rossa” Barolo 2010
                                                                     saffron panna cotta
                                                                              candied kumquats
                                                Marco di Bartoli “Vigna la Miccia d’Oro” Marsala
“I love having the opportunity with two great chefs (who happen to also be great friends) to cook the food that has really shaped our cooking style. Babbo has become iconic with Italian food in America over the past 25 years,” states Chef Zach Allen, “and each dish is based on great ingredients used simply and to their fullest. I believe Nicole has taken this idea to heart and ran with it for this very special upcoming dinner.”
Details :  The plated dinner will be served in Brezza’s private dining room, so seats are limited to just 24 guests.
Price is $375 inclusive of wines selected by Beverage Director Miklos Katona, tax and gratuity.