Let us introduce ourselves! We are full time journalists for over a decade covering resorts, spas, fine dining, wine, spirits and luxury travel. Our travels have taken us all over the US, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean
Now a little about us. We are a husband and wife writing duo and sommeliers through the Court of Master Sommeliers. Our work as appeared in the LA Times, Travel and Leisure, Google Travel, Modern Luxury, French Quarter Magazine in France and Monaco and Lausanne Tourism City Guide.

Journalists based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the culinary epicenter of the world, we have produced interesting informative articles and videos about luxury lifestyle in  wine, travel and the culinary world. We have received national recognition for our work through our online publications Cuisineist VinoLasVegas and our TV show Cuisineist Confidential. Additionally, for over a decade we have been contracted columnists to several national, regional,  local and international  publications.





Our career has taken us to prestigious events presented by Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, as well as Sunset Magazine. We have traveled nationally covering events from New York to California focusing on mixology, craft beer, wine, spirits, dining and resorts.

We have been judges for the World Food Championships in which $300,000 was awarded to the final winner and judges for local food and beverage events. Our international assignments have taken us to world class resorts, vineyards and Michelin restaurants in Europe, Mexico and more.

On assignment, we have done in-depth interviews with celebrity chefs and winemakers and celebrity mixologists both in the US and abroad. Many of which can be found on our Youtube channel that exceeds over 400 interviews featuring a decade of work.




Our scope of work in the industry has forged international and domestic relationships that include government officials, vineyard owners, winemakers, celebrity chefs, travel officials, resort owners, restaurant owners and directors of public relations firms.

Building on our writing career, we are regular speakers at UNLV entrepreneurship courses and have given inspirational talks for the Downtown Project in Las Vegas. Our journalistic recognition has expanded to work with the United States Department of State World Affairs Council as speakers and hosts to prestigious international groups. Social media expertise is very important and we have been at the forefront for many years, using it to engage our readers in real time experiences and daily interactions with Chefs and the culinary world. Over the years we have created a reputation as a “one stop shop”. They cover all forms of social media, live social media when on assignment, pre and post event social media,  high resolution professional photography and video followed by exciting informative print articles and for online publications.

About Us.

Elaine Harris spent over 18 years as a licensed Educator and has put her skills to use educating readers and guests about food, wine and travel. She has served on the board of the American Wine Society Las Vegas Chapter and was named “Wine Person of the Month” by Las Vegas Wine News. She been a featured speaker for UNLV’s graduate level classes.


She is a Sommelier through the Court of Masters Sommeliers and plans to continue through their grueling levels of certification.  In addition to her experience with wine in sales and distribution, she has many years of experience in all aspects of fine dining restaurants operations


Scott Harris was exposed to the world of fine dining from a very young age and it got into his blood. After graduating from college he served in the Special Forces of the United States military. Upon leaving, he became an operations manager for an import/ export company for over 11 years and then entered the medical profession for 12 years.  Scott is a Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and plans to continue through his grueling levels of certification.



Scott was also the Wine Director for a prestigious French restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as Director of sales and distribution for a wine distribution company. He served President of the board of the American Wine Society Las Vegas Chapter and has also been a featured speaker for UNLV’s graduate level classes.

Together, we have learned about wine literally from the ground up having helped with harvest, crush, punchdowns and bottling.  We continue to educate and bring interesting and informative articles to our readers.


We are proud to state that we are not CRITICS but prefer to talk about the “overall” experience and have been called Food and Wine “advocates” by many in the industry. We have forged many personal and professional relationships from Vineyard owners to renowned Chefs and Sommeliers. We believe “Wine is a Lifestyle” which brings people together, creating cherished memories for a lifetime.




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