I am a  lawyer, a dreamer, a loser and an aficionado of all things edible. I was raised by a pack of wild strawberries in the hills of the Ozarks. Upon assimilating into mainstream society at the University of New Mexico in 2000,  I discovered that I  had two options: learn to cook or starve.

Quincy Jaeger



I wasn’t very good at starving…so cooking it had to be! It all began with a squash, and onion and a whole lot of blind faith. Since that squash I have  grown to be something of an armchair gourmet, creating dishes for my  eager to eat and critique husband. Over the following 12 years, I  traveled the world with little more than a ponytail and a beat up pair of Pumas, ate everything edible or questionably edible along the way, and gained a love and respect for the culinary arts that inspires my  writing today.

Living in Las Vegas since 2009 has afforded me  the opportunity to sample the offerings of the greatest chefs in the world and I inspire to enjoy every restaurant in town before I  leave. The best presents I  ever received were a Global Cromova chef knife, a full suite of Le Crueset cookware (in cherry red, of course) and a red KitchenAid mixer – it is with these tools that I  plan to take over the world.

The best things I have  ever eaten in my  life are Michael Mina’s lobster pot pie and my mother’s green chile stew and red chile enchiladas – and I am  pretty sure that if Chef Mina were to ever come to my  mom’s house for dinner, he would agree completely.’