The 28th Santa Barbara County Vintner’s Festival

The  annual Santa Barbara County Vintners’ Festival Weekend
attracted wine lovers from all over the country for an opportunity to meet
member vintners, taste their wines, and enjoy great food and music over a long
spring weekend.

Within  Santa Barbara County there are four distinct appellations: Santa Maria
, Santa Ynez Valley, Sta. Rita Hills  and the newly approved Happy

In addition, the Los Alamos Valley  region, between the Santa Maria Valley and Santa Ynez Valley appellations,  remains a strong and successful grape growing region. Slightly less than half of  the grapes grown in Santa Barbara County are used by local vintners, with the  balance are exported to wineries outside the area.

Breathtaking  valleys and mountains studded with ancient oaks, brilliant wild flowers and  magnificent vineyards are always the scene when you visit Santa Barbara

Before the festival a leisurely country drive allowed us to  fully appreciate the winemaking experience as we transversed the valleys and  sampled some excellent wines.

The Santa Barabara County Vintners  Festival is a wonderful discovery for any wine lover and foodie alike. You’ll  find great restaurants, galleries, country inns and exceptional tasting rooms  located in the small towns of Solvang , Lompoc , Santa Ynez , Los Olivos and  Santa Barbara itself.

In  the cellars this time of year, winemakers are bottling their first whites and
pinks from the 2009 season, as well as their red wines that ready from previous
vintages. You can feel the excitement in the air as they wineries are anxious to
show off their latest creations.

As  most wine people would agree that great wine starts in the vineyard with great
grapes. This area has been blessed with an excellent climate, soil and
topography that is unique and you can taste that signature in the wines. Santa
Barbara County’s winegrowers bring modern growing methods to the age-old art of
viticulture and produce some of the finest wine grapes and wines in the

The  wines of Santa Barbara County have always been the main attraction of this area.  However , Las Vegas’s own Bradley Ogdan has come to town with his restaurant ,  Route 246. Chef Bradley himself was at the festival treating us all to a few of  his great dishes.

The property that’s now home to Root 246 was known for years as  the Meadows Restaurant. When the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians purchased  the Meadows in 2007, the tribe looked to transform the old restaurant into a contemporary elegant dining destination unlike anything the region has ever  seen.

The tribe hired Chef Bradley Ogden. This award-winning chef  enjoys a phenomenal track record as a restaurateur, having successfully launched  and overseen the creation of several critically-acclaimed restaurants. Chef  Ogden’s expertise should help ensure that the tribe’s new venture in Solvang  will meet the high level of quality guests have come to expect.

Whether  it’s wild asparagus from Santa Ynez, or fresh spiny lobsters from Santa Barbara,  Root 246 is has brought a whole new type of dinning experience to the area and  serves their guests the finest produce and proteins the region has to

There are so many great wines made by big names in the  industry such as Ken Brown , Doug Margerum , Kenneth Volk and Kris Curran just  to name a few we could literally write a book about each one of them. We try to  not only sample their wines but are always searching for others that we feel  stood out along with the great wines of the area.

Ampelos  Cellars is always a stand out that we look for when in the area. Peter and
Rebecca Work are firm believers in the old adage that the “wine is made in the
vineyard”. Their estate vineyard has been planted to those varietals that
showcase the location, soils and climate of their vineyard . The varietals
Ampelos has planted are Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache and Viognier.

In addition to their estate grapes, Ampelos continues to  produce wines from fruit sourced from other vineyards in Sta. Rita Hills,  FiddleStix for Pinot Noir and Quatro Vientos in Santa Ynez Valley for Viognier  and the Syrah for their rosé .

In  addition to legendary wines and winemakers the landmark Hitching Post Restaurant  was also showing off what has made them famous in the culinary world.
The  Buellton Hitching Post was established in 1986, but their roots started at the
Casmalia Hitching Post in 1952. It was there that Frank & Natalie Ostini  brought “Santa Maria Style BBQ” to its peak of perfection and where children  Bill, Bob, Terri & Annette continue to this day.

At the Hitching Post II in Buellton, they honor that tradition and also  embrace contemporary cooking styles. By combining the old and new, they have  created exciting cuisine that is uniquely their own. Along with their outstanding steaks, ribs and chicken, they serve items such  as smoked duck breast, ostrich, home-made soups and outstanding pastries; along  with what the Los Angeles Times has called the “best” French Fries in Southern  California.

They are also  one of a very few restaurants creating their own wines for sale in
the restaurant and to the public. Hartley Ostini Hitching Post Wines have  garnered an excellent reputation.

We are always on the “look out ” for new wineries and talented  winemakers. One of those wineries that is beginning to make a big name for  themselves is Dragonette Cellars . Dragonette is a partnership between brothers  John and Steve Dragonette and close friend Brandon Sparks-Gillis who joined  forces in order to pursue a mutual, long held dream to make wine in the Santa  Ynez Valley.

Utilizing their contacts with excellent growers and  viticulturists, they obtain fruit farmed for low yields and high quality from  optimally located sites throughout the Santa Ynez Valley . In the cellar, they  personally attend to each wine operation, from fermentation in small lots to  aging in the finest French barrels . They believe this level of attention and  focus markedly increases quality. We have meet these very talented partners on  numerous occasions over the years. They are passionate and committed to  producing small lots of ultra-premium Pinot Noir, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc.  Dragonette is a winery we will continue to watch .

We  had the opportunity to visit Lafond winery in the past and were impressed with
their estate wines. Lafond produces Pinot Noir, Syrah and Chardonnay at the
estate winery in Sta. Rita Hills. The estate vineyard was first planted in 1971.
Winemaker Bruce McGuire was one of the pioneers in the development of Pinot Noir
and Syrah in Santa Barbara County and in  California.

Bruce controls the total process, from the  selection of varieties and clones to plant in the vineyard, to farming  practices, cultivation, pruning and when to pick. Accordingly the wines reflect  his style and philosophy of winemaking.

Jaffurs  Wine Cellars is a well known and respected winery dedicated to producing great  Rhône varietal wines . Their Syrah, Grenache, Petite Sirah, Viognier, and
Roussanne – are among the best in the county.

The wines are carefully  made in small lots and only about 3,000 cases are produced each year . They work  closely with growers in the Santa Ynez, Santa Rita, Los Alamos, and the Santa  Maria growing regions and limit vineyard yields and require that optimal farming  practices .

In  addition to new wineries the festival also treats is guests with legendary wine
makers in attendance as well. One of those very special renown wine makers that
is always pleased to show off some of the best wine in the country is Kathy
Joseph .

Kathy established Fiddlehead Cellars to capture the pure essence  of the two grape varietals that she loves best – Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  Kathy continues to passionately pursue her goal of creating stylistic Sauvignon  Blancs and silky, intense Pinot Noirs.

Of  course the main event is the festival that features the wines of the 130+ member
Association, live music, a silent auction and wine country cuisine by the area’s
finest chefs.

The wineries also host events all throughout Santa Barbara  Wine Country starting on Friday with tastings of library wines or barrel  samples, vineyard barbecues, winemaker dinners, wine & food  pairings.

The  best way to experience this wonderful region is to make it a 4 day weekend and
enjoy the best Santa Barbara County has to offer. The SBCVA now has seven times
the membership they had in 1983 and twice the number of AVAs. This region has
grown significatly over the years and is probably best known for its diveristy
as 60 different varietals are planted there.

This is one event  that we mark on our calender every year and know that we will be coming back  again and again. For more information about this world class area for Wine and  Food please visit Santa Barbara County  Wines


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